For many years Bhoga centers use natural cosmetics line produced by Laboratories Hur of Florence and make use of the cosmetologist Roberto Bonfanti collaboration which, through strict protocols, guarantees the high quality, freshness and naturalness of the raw materials with which they are formulated cosmetics used by Bhoga during massages and a facial and body treatments.

Each facial treatment is preceded by a careful analysis by the operator, in order to guarantee our customers the best result in absolute safety. In fact it is drawn up for each customer a history tab, and each facial treatment is preceded by an enzyme test, which is essential in order to assess the possible presence and the level of skin intolerances to the main sensitizing agents normally contained in cosmetic products - such as preservatives, solvents and fragrances - in order to minimize the risk of the onset of allergies and adverse reactions.

Massage Techniques: Bhoga. Cosmetic line: Hur Laboratories

Duration: 50 min

Cost: 80 € VAT included

Aims: smooth the surface of the dermis with peel to PH acid to remove excess keratin, thereby allowing the mask and cream that complement the treatment and that are specific for each type of skin to be able to reach in depth and act with a greater effectiveness