BHOGA is an ancient Word that comes from the Indian wisdom and experience means, but especially participation of enjoyment essence of life. The techniques, disciplines and the treatments which you'll experience are ancient and new.

Ancients, because you can not change what comes from tradition. New, because they will find it for the first time integrated in a project of total well-being, and he who guides you in the experience recreates them every time tailored for you.

BHOGA is a research lab and a project of total well-being in which we practice the art of massage according integrated traditional methods. Today BHOGA is also a center for the training of its operators, we teach that massage is sophisticated art because only if it is personalized transcending the individual techniques and maneuvers is able to achieve the aesthetic goal and personal well-being for each customer.

BHOGA aims also an objective to educate the customer to the deep understanding of the own body, accompanying it in a location where the maneuvers carried out by the operator, the sensations produced by them and from time to time results achieved will allow him to become more aware and able to clearly identify their physical problems and the most effective way to resolve them. Behind BHOGA there's a search that has lasted for years, made up of practices, experiments, books, travel. There are, above all, men and women who never stop experimenting.

Roberto Magi

Born in Rome April 13, 1964, for many years I work in the Wellness sector. He graduated in 1981 in Massiofisioterapia at Marcello Brunetti School and in 1988 from the School of Shiatsu Rudy Palombini in Rome, after several postgraduate degrees in massage and manipulation techniques - including a course in massage Bioenergetic Neonatal achieved at the Center Studies Eva Reich of Rome and some master of Chi Kung led by Sifu Wong Kiew Kit - and after a long stay in China, in 1998 I completed a three-year course of psychosomatic activity at the Psychotherapy "Chelidonium study Center" Dr. Michael Picerni based in Velletri, and in 1999 I founded the cultural Association Bhoga, an experimental space where he practiced meditation and Yoga, were taught to the operators of the massage techniques sector and holding seminars on the culture and traditions of the East.

For several years I opened massage studies in Rome and Milan, and after taking care of the management and organization of some Spa in Rome and Cortina d'Ampezzo, now I dedicate myself to training of operators to insert and use in BHOGA centers by creating an Academy.

You, this training school, a project in which I think and work for a long time, aware of the need to train masseurs and therapists in addition to the necessary technical knowledge to be able to have a more complex view of their work.