Thanks to the experience of a thirty-year work and the large number of women who are successfully treated in pregnant BHOGA centers, we have refined the best Massage Techniques to alleviate some problems related to the state of pregnancy, and we have also created a special massage table newly developed, designed by a team of gynecologists, therapists and technicians.

The cot BHOGA massage allows you to lay prone pregnant women, comfortably and in complete safety. More stable and robust than a normal massage table and larger - is provided with special housings for breast and belly, with an adjustable gauge and perfectly adaptable to the individual woman and to each stage of pregnancy.

Massage Techniques: Bhoga

Duration: 50 min

Cost: 110 € VAT included

Aesthetic objectives: improve retention and lymphatic stagnation in the tissues

Objective wellbeing: relieve pain and heaviness of the legs and low back compression